Every year, the Greater Omaha Chamber honors those whose vision, work ethic and dedication to community have made Omaha – Greater Omaha. 获奖者是从社区成员和商界领袖(比如你)提交的提名中选出的, make a nomination).

Six of these outstanding leaders are set to be inducted into the Omaha Business Hall of Fame this year; a class that has shifted the dynamic in areas as varied as food service and finance, construction and real estate development, energy and entrepreneurship. Each will be featured in a permanent exhibit at The Durham Museum.


Ron Gartlan

Owner/President & CEO, Godfather’s Pizza, Inc.

“One of my personal mottos is ‘I refuse to lose,’ so I was determined, come hell or high water, one way or the other, that we were going to survive. … I think you’re more passionate if you believe in what you’re doing.”

Ronald “Ron” Gartlan launched his career during a tumultuous time. Four months into his first job – an accountant with Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) – the U.S. army drafted him to serve a 14-month tour in Vietnam.

Upon his discharge in 1971, Gartlan resumed his career at Coopers & Lybrand, advancing to partner in 1981. A year later, he joined Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. as treasurer and vice president of finance. After leading the management team in a leveraged buyout in 1988, Gartlan became chief operating officer. 在买下合伙人赫尔曼•凯恩(Herman Cain)的全部股份后,他升任公司所有者、总裁和首席执行官三职.

Born in Canada, Gartlan moved to Kansas as a child and Omaha as a teenager. 他继续与他的母校克莱顿预备学校和克莱顿大学保持联系. 教父披萨自从2004年加特兰同意出版《bte365娱乐线》以来,一直是男孩城的企业赞助商 phone number on Godfather’s Pizza boxes. Since then, Godfather’s Pizza has contributed over $2 million to Boys Town.

Karen Linder

CEO, Linseed Capital
Executive Chairwoman, Tethon 3D

“Being successful in business requires a lot of hard work; it doesn’t happen overnight. But I think people should stop and enjoy the experiences along the way. Success isn’t the end goal; it’s more about living your life and enjoying the whole experience.”

James Linder, M.D.

 Chief Executive, Nebraska Medicine

“We’ve both been very fortunate to be born and live and work in Omaha. It’s just a magnificent community both on a business side, the professional side and what it does for all of the citizens. So, we’re very thankful for that.”

Dr. James “Jim” Linder serves as CEO of Nebraska Medicine; Karen Linder as Executive Chairwoman of Tethon 3D, a company the husband-and-wife team co-founded in 2014. Not only are they leaders and entrepreneurs, the Nebraska natives are also champions for other visionaries.

Awarded multiple times for supporting entrepreneurship in the Midwest, the Linders started Linseed Capital in 2008, investing in and mentoring dozens of early-stage companies, including Bulu Box, Flywheel, Nobl, SkyVu Entertainment and Travefy.

Prior to supporting founders and founding companies of her own, Karen Linder毕业于内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学,在科尔尼的好撒马利亚医院作为一名细胞技师开始了她的职业生涯. She transitioned, from there, 到内布拉斯加州大学医学中心(UNMC),她在那里创建了该州第一个细胞技术学院. 这段经历让她有能力创办自己的公司Heartland Pathology,并于2011年将其出售. Today, Karen leads Tethon 3D, 奥马哈一家制造公司,为陶瓷3D打印生产材料和硬件.

Dr. Jim Linder earned his medical degree with distinction from UNMC, 在杜克大学医学中心完成病理学住院医师培训,并于1983年加入UNMC. The holder of multiple patents, 吉姆的研究使他进入商业部门,担任Cytyc公司的首席医疗官和Constitution medical的联合创始人.

Prior to being named CEO of Nebraska Medicine in 2018, Jim served as interim dean of the UNMC College of Medicine, 内布拉斯加州大学系统的临时校长和大学技术发展的校长


Linseed’s portfolio companies. 他们的慈善活动集中在创业、艺术和教育方面. 林德夫妇在美国和加拿大病理学会成立了林德学习中心, which supports internet-based pathology education worldwide.

Rodrigo López

Chairman, AmeriSphere Companies

“(Leaders) are in an organization to support everybody else who works there. I frequently think about the description of a company as a triangle, but instead of the administration being at the top of the triangle, 我更喜欢三角倒置的概念政府在底部支持其他所有人. That really makes institutions and companies successful.”

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, 罗德里戈·López一生奉献于服务他人的精神在整个小学期间都由耶稣会士培养. He came to Superior, Neb., as an exchange student, 在就读于内布拉斯加大学林肯分校期间,有几个夏天他都在一个农场工作,并在一个铁路维修队工作.

López’s work in commercial real estate finance began at Woodmen Life. He later founded AmeriSphere Financial, which, in partnership with McCarthy Group, 成为房利美25个委托贷款人之一,并成为美国政府的多家庭贷款人.S. Housing and Urban Development FHA program. In 2015, NorthMarq acquired AmeriSphere Financial and its $5.5 billion multifamily rental housing loan portfolio.

After retiring from NorthMarq as executive chairman, López and his wife, Mary, started AmeriSphere Companies in 2018. Their first development project is Capitol Place, a mixed-use, commercial/multifamily rental housing project in downtown Omaha. 

He continues to serve on a number of boards, 包括内布拉斯加大学基金会和奥马哈表演艺术学院.

Robert G. Lueder (1922-2013)

Past President, Lueder Construction Company

“Bob was a man of great integrity. He really understood doing the right thing for the right reasons. He truly, truly cared for the people around him.”Brad von Gillern, CEO, Lueder Construction Company

Robert G. “鲍勃”吕德觉得他最大的成就是和妻子一起抚养四个孩子, Mary, and heading Lueder Construction Company for more than three decades.

生于奥马哈并成长于本森高中,路德在爱荷华州立大学的建筑工程学习因二战而中断. 他作为巴顿将军的步兵排长参加了战斗,并在突出部战役中受了重伤, a sacrifice that earned him a Purple Heart, Silver Star and the Presidential Unit Citation.

战后,吕德在爱荷华州完成了学业,并于1940年加入吕德建筑公司, a year after his father, Roy, acquired full ownership of the general contracting firm. Known for taking meticulous notes in his black notebook, 1961年,Bob升任公司总裁,并将Lueder Construction发展成为一个地区巨头,直到1994年完全退休.

A 33rd degree Mason, Lueder在社区的积极参与包括在内布拉斯加州卫理公会医院的服务, the Greater Omaha Chamber, University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Paul Smith

Board of Stakeholders, Tenaska, Inc.
President, Black Dog Management

“Surround yourself with diverse, bright, hard-working, passionate people. Focus on creating real value and work hard. 这可能还不够,除非你有长期的专注和一点运气. I think that is consistent with the way my life worked out.”

Paul Smith leads Black Dog Management, 这是一家投资和房地产开发公司,专注于加强奥马哈的城市核心. True to its mission, Black Dog is the lead investor in The Capitol District, a $205 million mixed-use re-development project in downtown Omaha, and Millwork Commons, 一项耗资3亿美元的计划正在把一个以前的工业园区改造成一个位于市中心北部的合作社区.

Prior to launching Black Dog Management, Smith worked in the energy industry for more than 35 years, including 25 years with Tenaska and its affiliates. In addition to his role as the company’s vice-chairman, Smith served as co-founder, CEO and senior managing director of Tenaska Capital Management (TCM). Though retired from day-to-day operations, 他仍然是所有者,并继续服务于Tenaska的利益相关者董事会.

United Way of the Midlands honored Smith and his wife, Annette, 荣获2018年度公民奖,表彰他们在大奥马哈地区促进艺术和支持青年发展的工作. Paul Smith目前担任乔斯林艺术博物馆董事会主席,也是Film Streams的前董事会主席, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and Omaha Conservatory of Music, which he and Annette founded. 史密斯夫妇还共同创立了影响圈——中部地区的大哥大姐大,并在培育年度活动方面发挥了重要作用, 包括《bte365娱乐线》青年诗歌节和大平原戏剧大会.

奥马哈商业名人堂成立于1993年,以庆祝商会成立100周年. 奥马哈商业名人堂晚会的收益支持永久的奥马哈商业名人堂展览在达勒姆博物馆和年度青年专业人士峰会, a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals. 今年的奥马哈商业名人堂将有172名获奖者.

The 2021 Omaha Business Hall of Fame Gala sponsors are Fraser Stryker PC LLOKPMG LLP and U.S. Bank.

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